Digital Account Opening
for Banks & Credit Unions

New Account Growth Using Your Legacy Systems
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Give customers what they expect and you’ll unlock the scale and growth you’ve dreamed about.

At IgniteOpen, we believe banks and credit unions should have a cost-effective, end-to-end onboarding solution that makes them competitive in today’s digitally enabled marketplace.

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Delight Customers

Enable current customers to easily open new accounts and let new customers experience the convenient service you deliver.

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Simplify & Save Time

Reduce onboarding time by up to 90%, eliminate cumbersome paperwork, and slash costs.

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Compete & Win

Acquire new customers just like larger banks and fintech apps do, with a modern, streamlined customer onboarding experience.

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Why Banks and Credit Unions Choose IgniteOpen

  • Bankers Helping Bankers
  • Modern Opening Platform
  • Leverage Legacy Technology
  • Design Go-to Market

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With IgniteOpen, executives can stop worrying about shrinking revenue and financial institutions are enabled to accelerate growth with a modern, digital onboarding solution.

Discover What’s Possible

We make it easy to deploy a modern, cost-effective onboarding solution so you can compete in today’s digital marketplace.

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1. Discover

Talk to an experienced banking expert who will learn about your onboarding needs and legacy framework.

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2. Launch

We work with you to build a pilot onboarding experience and a roadmap to deployment.

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3. Grow

Unlock new markets and realize scalable growth from modernized banking services.

When you partner with IgniteOpen, you’ll work with a team of former banking professionals who understand your challenges and goals and are committed to deploying an end-to-end onboarding solution that will deliver the digital efficiencies your customers have come to expect.

Isn’t it time to give your customers the modern experience they have come to expect?

IgniteOpen understands the challenges that today’s financial institutions are facing; the struggle to grow deposits, rising interest rates, changing consumer behaviors, and the cost and complexity of solutions. It’s no wonder bank and credit union executives are feeling anxious about shrinking profits and limited competitive capabilities.

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